Pastoral Letter

Dear Parishioners of Church of the Transfiguration,

Peace be with you and your family. The year 2020 has indeed been a challenging one for everyone. We hope that you are coping well amidst all the difficulties posed by this pandemic.

We are writing to you today to share with you what has been going on for the past few months, as well as some of the plans of the Parish moving forward. Since the circuit breaker began, the Parish Team has worked tirelessly in bringing the weekend Masses online. Even though Masses have now resumed, we will continue to broadcast our Saturday 4pm Mass. Catechism has resumed via ZOOM since June. We have also successfully baptised fifty-two of our 2nd batch of RCIA candidates in September, and are now looking forward to welcoming our 3rd batch of new enquirers.

In June 2020, we launched our very own COTT app in order for our parishioners to stay updated and connected with the Parish. The app is also a tool to enrich your spiritual growth through the prayers and daily reflections. Currently we are revamping our various social media platforms, so as to better engage you (Annex: Information enclosed). Rest assured we are doing whatever we can to keep you and your families informed on the happenings at our parish.

Beginning 1st September 2020, we the new team of priests, Rev Fr Alphonsus Dominic as Parish Priest, with Rev Fr Alex Chua and Rev Fr Antony Kuttianickal as assistant priests officially assumed appointments. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rev Fr Joachim Chang and Rev Fr Cary Chan for all that they have done for our Parish, together with Rev Fr Antony Kuttianickal. They have laid a strong foundation for the Parish, and we look forward to continue to build on the work that they have accomplished thus far.

We, the new team are focusing on “Community” and “Formation” as our parish vision for the next phase. The parish will be branched out to 7 main umbrellas of ministries; each of which distinct yet integrative with one another to cater to the various needs of the Parish. Namely, Media, Family Life, Faith Formation, Litugical, Prayer, Youth and Young Adults, and Pastoral Outreach.

We aim to cultivate a strong community spirit within the parish through the formation of communities. For a start, we will be piloting the Neighbourhood Christian Communities (NCC) program in Coral Edge and Punggol Meridian, with the end-goal of growing NCCs throughout the whole of Punggol. We strongly encourage you and your family to be a part of this when a NCC opens up at your area.

To achieve this vision, the parish will be organising more programs to nurture growth in holiness and spirituality as a community. These programs will cater to the various age groups within the parish, as well as different phases of life which an individual is going through. We are aware that majority of the families that reside in Punggol are young families. We do understand that some of these families struggle to find time for spiritual growth. Thus, we aim to plan programs catering to supporting their needs.

The Parish has a vision in place for its parishioners. However, we will not be able to carry out these plans without the participation and support of you, our parishioners. Therefore, we humbly ask for all Catholics residing in Punggol to come forth in being a part of this new chapter together with us. Do keep yourselves connected to the Parish via the various social media platforms where more updates will be given as we progress. We look forward to the day when we Priests are able to meet each and every one of you in person. Till then, stay safe and may God watch over you and your family always. God loves you.

With love from the priests of COTT,

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