Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a recommended structure within the church concerned with the pastoral activities of parish life. It is made up of a representative body of the faithful led by the parish priest.

The Parish Pastoral Council shares the responsibility for building the parish into a vibrant Christian community that promotes Gospel values of love, justice and peace. It is a consultative body of leaders who actively seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and are guided by the teachings, laws and recommendations of the universal church and the local diocesan church.

The function of the PPC is to investigate, ponder and propose practical solutions on pastoral matters affecting the parish. This covers many areas such as the proclamation of the Word of God, faith formation and catechesis liturgy, justice and peace, family life, evangelization, caring for the sick and the poor and encouraging parishioners to become actively involved in the mission of the church.

Members work together for the good of the community, sustaining it in all its many needs: from catechesis to liturgy, from the education of the young to the widest array of charitable works.

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