Opportunities for Giving

The Church of The Transfiguration is a church built by you and for you. It is the newest parish in Singapore, serving a growing population of Catholics in the Punggol area, at the end of the Serangoon corridor.

We have managed to raise $37 million to cover the cost of the church building. Thank you for your support!

However, we still need funds to pay the authorities for the land lease costs (which cost $24 million) and we still lack $20.24 million.

With your support, we can clear our outstanding loan and focus on building and strengthening our Catholic community!

You can choose
1) to make a one time online donation in any amount that you desire.
2) you can make a commitment to our three times (3x) gift donation project. the minimum amount here is $100/ year.

By selecting 3x gift donation option, you are letting us know we can count on your commitment over a period of 3 years to donate the same amount.

We will send you a reminder a month before your next annual payment over the next two subsequent years. Please note that you will need to log on back here to fulfill your next two annual commitment donation.

Please donate what you can to lend a helping hand.
Thank you for your generosity.