“Getting older is a great cure for the idea of being a solo Christian, which is not really Christian at all. We are all part of a vast “corporation” known as the Body of Christ. This is vital truth for everyone, but especially for the elderly.” St. John Paul II

Each elderly person truly is – a child of God. Although senior in age, we often forget that they too are children of God and like any child, they too need to experience God’s love, mercy and care.

The Elderly Ministry can make a difference by providing a place and opportunities for all our seniors to experience love, respect and companionship in the parish; helping them have a sense of belonging and remain a vital and vibrant part of the community.

We welcome those who can help us operate the St Mother Teresa Corner, have a desire to work with and care for seniors and/or have prior experience/knowledge in gerontology and befriending of seniors.

For more information or to join this ministry, contact us at 6341 9718. Email [email protected].