Family Life

The Family Life Ministry brings a family perspective to the programs and efforts of the parish faith community. This ministry involves a process related to the key stages of family life in terms of:

  • creating awarenessand understanding of issues through talks, workshops, etc. that help couples and families understand God’s plans for them
  • helping and enabling families cope with the challenges of marriage and parenting through programs like Couples-For-Christ, Family Life Ministry, and through parenting support groups to help in child-care, etc.
  • strengthening the spirituality of marriage, family and parenting e.g. through home-based catechesis of the very young (pre-First Holy Communion)
  • integrating family-centered needs holistically into the broader parish community

We welcome those with keen interest and commitment to family values and to the role of the family in personal, church and societal development and a keen interest to serve the needs of families.

To find out more or to join this ministry, please contact us at 6341 9718. Email [email protected].