First Christmas at COTT

As this is our first Christmas at COTT, we would like to create a community spirit for our parish family here. There are activities and events around the church to help nurture and instil some of the virtues of the Holy Spirit.

On December 5, COTT was able to show our love by hosting a lunch and walk about around the church complex for 7 Senior Clergy. The senior Clery included Fr Michael Arro, Fr Gino Henriques, Fr Paul Staes, Fr Paul Goh, Fr Tom Curran, Fr John Khoo, and Fr Joseph Jeannequin. Together with Archbishop William Goh and members of the Clergy Welfare committee comprising of 7 priests; 15 volunteers from COTT (from various ministries) were here to welcome the senior clergy. It was a good afternoon spent in fellowship. A gift of appreciation was presented to each priest for their selfless commitment and love they have provided to the Catholic community in Singapore.
Click here to view photos of Senior Clergy Luncheon

There is a Nativity scene on the Sanctuary in our church which reminds us that Jesus was born in a lowly manger. Starting from Saturday, December 9, the Main Church which is open daily until 10 pm, through to Jan 8, 2018, for all to view the Nativity scene. All are welcome. Click here to view Nativity Scene

The Society of St Vincent de Paul started in mid-November with a “Festive Bag” sales drive to raise seed monies for their chapter here at our church in aid of the poor.

To help the church, the 5 Loaves and 2 Bread Ministry and the Youth Ministry are selling Festive goodies. The 5 Loaves and 2 Bread Ministry is selling 2 kg Honey Glazed Chicken Ham at $75. You can still place your bookings for your ham at the Parish Office. Pick up of the ham is from Tuesday, Dec 19 until Friday, Dec 22.

The Youth Ministry is selling homemade cookies, each weekend this month. Proceeds from these sales will go towards operating costs at COTT. Please support!
Click here to view Christmas Festive Sales Booth

Punggol West Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC) is organising a talk at 8 pm on the evening of December 28 in COTT’s Auditorium on the 3rd Floor. Talks will be conducted by Ustaz Dr Leyakat Ali, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Interfaith Studies and Managing Director of Human Connection Sg; as well as Fr Joachim Chang, Master of Science in Pastoral & Clinical Counselling and Parish Priest of Church of the Transfiguration. Those who would like to attend the talk may enquire and register through respective IRCC and Grassroots organisations. Registration closing date is Sunday, 17 December 2017. More details on the IRCC talk.

At 6 pm on December 29, Archbishop William Goh will be welcoming religious leaders and delegates of other faiths as part of the IRO event in COTT. The event to be held in the Main Church is for invited guests.

We are fortunate to be able to share our faith with others in our multi-religious society.

Through the generosity of our parishioners, to date, we have received thirteen artificial trees and one 9-foot live tree, as well as decorations. Ten of these trees are placed on the stage on the ground floor. These trees are lit with different coloured lights to represent the different virtues of the Holy Spirit. It truly warms the heart with Hope when such acts of kindness are being shared.

The 9-foot tree is placed in the church foyer on the second floor. As part of strengthening COTT’s community spirit, we welcome all parishioners to write their good wishes on note cards and hang them on the Jesse tree. Click here to view the Christmas Trees

Christmas Greeting 2017